Holland Finley- Used boxes

We have a large number of Home Depot boxes from our recent move. The Extra Large and Wardrobe used boxes have now been used for two moves but are still in good shape, and the small and mediums are heavy duty and have only been used for one move.

We also have 18 large moving blankets and around 20 large rubber bands that can be used to cinch the moving blankets in place (we originally purchased 19 and 24, but have most likely misplaced some during the move).

The total value of all of our goods is somewhere in the $300 range, but we’re happy to part with them for a low offer so long as we can get rid of them today. Let me know if you’re interested and if we could arrange something for this afternoon. Thank you!

Small Boxes 5
Medium Boxes 5
Large Boxes 5
China Boxes 1
Wardrobe Boxes 1

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