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One of the smallest inner-ring Dallas suburbs is no stranger to controversy. In the early 2000s, city leaders supported some initiatives which arguably impaired the city’s growth and development. But a leadership turnover blunted these efforts. Today, much like Addison, Farmers Branch movers is a forward-moving community that attracts businesses and families from around the region, around the state, and around the world.

Like all these businesses and families, at Green Van Lines, we have been through our share of ups and downs. But our experience sustained us through all these changes, and that experience is what works for your family or business. Through good times and bad, our commitments to low cost, excellent service, and environmental protection are completely unwavering.


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Residential Moves Farmers Branch

The environmental atmosphere of Farmers Branch attracts many families to this community. There are twenty-eight city parks in the city, although Farmers Branch covers only about twelve square miles. These parks require a substantial amount of upkeep. And, for the most part, the city provides these services without complaint or controversy.

At Green Van Lines, we see our commitment to environmental protection through the same lens. It is always easy to use disposable resources and give little thought to others. It’s much harder to conserve resources and show compassion. That’s especially true if you have a business that depends on low costs. However, these are commitments that we are happy to make.

Families that relocate to Farmers Branch have a wide range of housing options. At Green Van Lines, we provide full or partial moving support for all these relocations, regardless of the size or circumstances.

Corporate HQ Relocations 

The location of Farmers Branch has attracted a number of corporate headquarters and regional offices to the city. Some examples include the Internal Revenue Service, Brinks Home Security, Televista, and TDIndustries. These corporations have found a home here, and so can yours.

Many of the corporate relocation services we handle at Green Van Lines are not nearly as large as the ones on this list. In fact, due to the advances in telecommunication, many corporate headquarters are little more than a few decision-makers and a few laptops. We partner with IT professionals when necessary, to get your headquarters up and running as soon as possible in its new location.

Corporate relocations often combine aspects of residential and commercial moves. Since we have vast experience in both areas, we are well-positioned to put your corporate headquarters in a position where it can succeed.

Local Moves to Farmers Branch 

Inner ring Dallas suburbs like Farmers Branch are quite attractive to other Metroplex families and businesses. Many neighborhoods are largely unchanged since the 1960s and 1970, when the population mushroomed from under 1,000 to over 25,000. The city’s broad commercial tax base, which accounts for about 80 percent of revenue, seals the deal.

Although we are a nationwide company with nationwide resources, the Green Van Lines team which handles your local relocation also has local roots. This added experience helps ease the transition for relocating businesses and families, so they can put down roots in a new place. This experience also helps us go above and beyond, when it comes to simple things like suggesting a good family restaurant in the vicinity.

Commercial Relocations 

Farmers Branch has roots as well. For about a hundred years, the city was basically a whistle-stop on various rail lines. At the same time, the forward-thinking community then known as Mustang Branch was the home to Dallas County’s first public worship facility in 1845. 

Decision-makers changed the town’s name to Farmers Branch Movers to lure more agribusinesses to the area. This same combination of deep roots and forward-thinking attracts many large, medium-sized, and small businesses to Farmers Branch. At Green Van Lines, we handle all these types of  industrial and commercial moving relocations. 

Some examples include:

Office: Legal, medical, financial, and other professionals are in high demand in Farmers Branch. People do not want to drive across town to see their doctors or accountants. There is also plenty of office space available, much of it in historic buildings.

Healthcare: Farmers Branch’s aging population has created an outsized demand for healthcare facilities, from large regional hospitals to small neighborhood clinics. We help these businesses connect with new patients, so they can continue to grow.

Hospitality: These businesses run the gamut as well, from large hotels to small Airbnb rentals. We give all these relocations the attention and dedication they deserve.
Farmers Branch has one of the most business-friendly environments of all the inner-ring Dallas suburbs. That means your relocating business can count on government support, and it can count on our support as well.

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Farmers Branch Movers – Long Distance 

Well-established mid-sized cities like Farmers Branch draw businesses and families from many other parts of the state, country, and world. Decision-makers work hard to maintain a commercial/residential business development. That balance makes Farmers Branch a good place to start or raise a family and a good place to begin or expand a business.

Many local companies do not have the resources to handle such relocations from end to end. But Green Van Lines is different. Although we have local roots, we also have nationwide resources. As a result, we are experienced in all distances of relocations, whether you are moving from another ZIP code or another time zone.

Our experience also allows us to keep a lid on costs. Since we know how expensive a move will be for us, we give you an accurate quote. There are no last-minute surprises when the truck is already partially loaded.

Vehicle Moves 

long distance moving relocations often involve vehicle relocations as well. If you are moving from a great distance, vehicle relocation is clearly the way to go. Moderate distance moves, perhaps from Oklahoma, usually go much smoother if they also involve vehicle relocation. That’s one less thing for your family to worry about.

Our experience comes into play in this area. Some companies hitch your car to the back of the truck and hope for the best. But at Green Van Lines, we offer secure and convenient vehicle relocation services that truly make a difference.

Transporting your vehicle is easy when you partner with Green Van Lines. Our auto transport team will ensure that your vehicle makes it safely to your next destination – we guarantee it.

Directions to Nearest Branch

Click here to find the Green Van Lines location nearest you. Our experienced Farmers Branch Movers are standing by to help you. And, we are committed to making your next relocation the best one you’ve ever experienced. In addition, our rates at Green Van Lines are affordable and always up-front. It’s important to us that you have a clear and accurate idea of the cost of our services.

We also pride ourselves on always being timely, consistent, and ready to do our best work, no matter the nature of the job. When you utilize Green Van Lines, you’ll reap the benefits that come from hiring our local movers in Farmers Branch. We serve the entire Farmers Branch, TX 75006, 75234, 75244, 75254, 75358, 75381.

Come by and see us in Farmers Branch – we’re always happy to talk with you and answer your questions.

About Farmers Branch

This quaint suburb of Dallas, TX is well known for its schools and thriving population. Green Van Lines has been serving the community of Farmers Branch for years – we’re proud to do so.

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