Affordable Moving Service in Minnesota

If you are thinking of moving one place to another, then look no further. Green Van Lines provides you with the most professional and competitive services around. We offer a very wide range of services related to moving and packing- of goods and other items. Our movers in Minnesota are committed to being on time, knowledgeable and work efficiently. 

In Minnesota (MN), we are the prime van lines offering the best moving services and Minnesota movers who continuously push on to provide world class moving services to our customers.

Our Minnesota movers are known worldwide for our supreme quality packing and moving services. Our moving services are safe, cost effective and reliable. Outshining the rest, our moving and packing service promise trouble free, timely and unperturbed transfer of your goods; thus making us a one stop shop for all your moving and packing needs.




Cheapest Long Distance Movers

A long distance move is typically more complicated than a local move. At Green Van Lines, our long distance moving services are geared towards making the whole trip as smooth as possible. We do so with years of experience, comprehensive packing techniques, and the perfect moving supplies. However, we also adhere to your budget throughout the entire process. We know firsthand that moving can become expensive if you’re not careful.

At Green Van Lines, we offer competitive pricing to ensure you receive affordable long distance moving services in Minnesota. We work with you to determine a budget, then we stick to that budget through the duration of the move. If you need to drop a service, such as packing or storage, to ensure your long distance move is affordable, then we’ll work with you!

Customs & Immigration for International Movers

Planning an international move is no simple task. If you’re trying to plan, pack, and relocate all by yourself, you’re in for a world of trouble. It is often too much for one person to handle. But if you were to hire Green Van Lines, we make international moves a breeze. Through expert services and a knowledgeable team, we can ensure your big move is an adventure. No longer will moving be a chore.

With an international move, you need to account for customs and immigrations. Regarding customs, there are certain regulations you must adhere to during the move. You cannot bring certain items into the country, for instance. Our team will help you navigate these regulations. For immigration, we can point you in the right direction and provide a detailed list of tasks you must complete beforehand. It will be easier with Green Van Lines by your side!

Industrial Moving Service

Packing your entire industrial complex is a tough job. Green Van Lines is here to tackle the situation with professionalism and efficiency. We have vast experience helping industrial clients relocate their entire operation. We know best how to pack industrial equipment, vehicles, and sensitive materials. We also know that you’re on a tight schedule. You need to be back up and running within the shortest time possible. As a business, we understand. We vow to provide the highest-quality and fastest moving services imaginable.

When you’re packing your industrial equipment, Green Van Lines is just a phone call away. We’ll work with you directly to plan the entire move, stay on budget, and provide efficient moving solutions. Everything is seamless when you work with professionals. Give us a call today to start the moving process off right!

Government and Military Moving Service

Here at Green Van Lines, we proudly offer government and military moving services to personnel who are being transferred.. When you receive orders to relocate, Green Van Lines can make the trip a little easier on both you and your family. We provide comprehensive logistics, packing, loading, and transport services to ensure your move is an absolute breeze.

When it comes time to relocate, know that Green Van Lines is the leading government and military moving services. Regardless of where you’re headed, our team will be there to assist you. We offer specialized shipment protection for your goods, quality storage services for short- and long-term holding, and top-of-the-line moving and packing services to make life easier. Be sure to schedule government and military moving service  in Minnesota with us today!

Secured Storage Service

Here at Green Van Lines, we quickly discovered that, like us, homeowners have gathered quite a number of possessions over the years. Your old home is likely filled to the brim with furniture, old clothes, and more. When it comes time to move, you likely won’t bring everything with you, so most people choose to store their goods.

Green Van Lines has secure store facilities throughout the country that are designed to house all your possessions for any amount of time. Each facility is able to accommodate household goods, office equipment, and more. Our facilities are climate-controlled, secure, and spacious. Give us a call now to schedule efficient, safe storage services in Minnesota!

Local Moving Service

When the time comes to finally pack all your worldly possessions and relocate, you’ll find that it is tough to navigate through each task. Your home may be filled to the brim with children’s toys, clothing, canned goods, and furniture. All of these items must be packed appropriately and prepared for your local move. Even if you’re just going down the street, the logistics must be in place.

That is where we come in. Here at Green Van Lines, we provide expert local moving services for homeowners in need of a fresh start. We handle all of the heavy lifting, packing, and loading of all your items. We treat each of your possessions as if they were our own, too. That way, you’ll never lose an item. We specialize in local moving services in Minnesota, where and when you need them most.

International Moving Service

Moving across the country is one thing, moving across the world is another altogether. It’s a challenge, an adventure, and an often overwhelming experience for many. But it is an undertaking worthy of your time and efforts. Moving to an entirely new country brings about new experiences. You’ll find new job opportunities, make new friends, and so much more. Green Van Lines would like to help you on this journey.

We provide the best international moving services imaginable. Depending on what country you’re moving to, there could be a few restrictions in place regarding goods being brought into the country. Our international moving experts will help you navigate these restrictions and regulations. When it comes time to move, you’ll be better off and well-prepared for the big day. Everything will be packed safely and securely, ready for transport to any country in the world. That’s the Green Van Lines guarantee!

Industrial Moving Service

Packing and relocating an entire industrial enterprise is no easy task. There is so much planning involved, so much equipment to safely and securely pac. You’ll need a helping hand. Here at Green Van Lines, we specialize in industrial moving services in Minnesota. We have an entire team fully equipped and trained to tackle industrial relocation. We know how to safely pack, store, and transport any type of goods you have on-site, from electronic equipment to vital documents, industrial machinery to vehicles.

At Green Van Lines, we go a step above and beyond for your industrial move. We will help you plan the logistics surrounding the move itself. We’ll help you with transportation, route planning, and budgeting to ensure your relocation is as smooth as possible. We will help your company get where it’s going with the least amount of hassle possible.

Secured Storage Service

At Green Van Lines, we have helped countless homeowners and local businesses over the years relocate to a new home or office space. We know that moving can be a challenge. It can take more time to fully relocate than you originally planned, but we hope to make your life a little easier. You may find yourself in need of storage services along the way. We can accommodate any amount of possessions for any period of time. Our secure storage facility is available for as little as one day or for longer than six months. It’s up to you!

Over the years, we have earned a reputation for helping homes and offices relocate successfully. We’re not all about packing boxes, though. Sometimes, you just need someplace to store your old furniture or antiques. Give us a call to arrange secure storage services in Minnesota.

Corporate Relocation Process

A corporate move brings about its own set of challenges. In a corporate move, the entire office must be relocated successfully, in the shortest period, to ensure work does not stop for too long. If you want to relocate and restart the business successfully, you need Green Van Lines on your side. We routinely help businesses pack, transport, and unload all of their belongings. From electronics, including computer and service equipment, to sensitive documents and office furniture, everything is handled by our corporate moving team.

It all starts with our comprehensive relocation process. We start by working with you directly to plan the logistics behind the move. We determine the best move date, route, and packing requirements for the entire relocation. Then, our team will start packing the entire office. We load everything onto our stable, secure moving trucks. Upon arrival, our team will help unload the entire office.




Services Provided by Green Van Lines

We provide a varied range of services to our customers. Some of the services that we provide are following:

Minnesota Packing Services :

Our trained movers in Minnesota pack your goods as per the time commitment using the world class packing material such as cardboard, thermocol, polythene wrapper sheet and quality tapes and gums. Every aspects of packing are taken care off so that the goods reach to their prior destination.

Minnesota Loading Services :

We take utmost care in loading your valuable packed items. Our Minnesota movers are trained loading experts who have extensive knowledge about the various aspects of loading goods. We know how to pack the goods so that they may not get damaged while moving.

Minnesota Unpacking Services :

We also provide unpacking service to our customers. Our professional staff take every possible step to unpack your goods with the utmost care and attention.

Minnesota Transportation Services :

We have a very large and well maintained fleet of trucks that ease the process of transporting the goods from one destination to another. We try our best to deliver the goods on time at the specified destination without causing any anxiety to our customers.

Minnesota Insurance Services :

We also provide insurance services to our customers in order to prevent any loss during transit.

Minnesota Warehousing Services :

We also provide warehousing services. Spacious and abundant ware housing facilities are available for household goods, furniture and industrial goods.

Minnesota Car Carrier Services :

Green Van Lines’ movers in Minnesota provide door-to-door pick up and delivery of cars all over America. The deliveries of cars are carried through closed container car carriers. These car carriers are specially designed for brisk and timely relocation of cars from one place to another.

Minnesota Office Moving Services :

We offer sound and economic office moving services. Our movers in Minnesota use special cartons and packaging materials for moving the essential office items such as computers, official files, furniture, etc.

Minnesota Apartment Moving Services :

We also provide economic and reliable apartment moving services to our customers all over America. We take extra care to prevent the household goods from any sort of damage.


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